Only DTI teaches you everything you
need to know to become a QUALIFIED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR!

Why DTI Is The Best
Educational Excellence Achieved Through Personalized Training
Your new training will make you think and perform like a professional private investigator by delivering new knowledge and developing new skills. The 35 lessons provide the latest and most advanced techniques to ease your entry into this field. Each lesson guides you through to planning, preparation, and investigation phases needed to perform the most difficult and complex cases. You will be able to work effectively as an investigator when you complete this course.
Conducting complex investigations can sometimes involve a tangled mess of ethical conflicts that can sometimes lead investigators to having their reputation tarnished, license revoked or even arrested for unintentionally engaging in illegal activity. Professional development is an important part of DTI’s training to keep you abreast of the latest laws and ethics so you can make the right decisions and stay within the legal guidelines and code of conduct at all times. DTI gives you solid strategies for staying on the right side of the law.
Our Real Field Exercises let you carry out the principles taught in your Master Detective Course, so you will actually learn by doing to perfect the skills of a professional investigator. You will conduct real background checks, do foot and vehicle surveillance, run license plate checks, trace listed and unlisted telephone numbers, run criminal history checks, conduct covert operations, locate old friends or "skips," and much more. With our careful guidance, you will become a street-wise investigator, and learn special tricks of the trade to get the results you need—legally and ethically. More>>
Conduct real surveillance exercises
and background checks!
s part of DTI’s comprehensive training program, you’ll receive exclusive access to our multimedia library with resources designed to teach you proven, cutting-edge investigative techniques. You’ll have the opportunity to study the inner workings of a real detective agencyby listening to recorded phone calls with a PI agency. In addition, DTI has also acquired the most professional training videos. These self-paced instructional videos give you the opportunity to observe investigative practices that would otherwise be difficult to demonstrate in the printed lessons.  
Foot Surveillance - can you
spot the inconspicuous
To give you access to the newest techniques, inside secrets, business ideas, and many other related subjects, DTI provides you with instructional material for over 90 Special Topics. Much of this instruction is essential to your career development and success, and this instruction is not provided by other schools. This material will enable you to earn extra dollars by providing extra services for your clients that they can’t find elsewhere.
Successful private investigators must have access to vital records and resources to build investigative leads and solve cases. DTI has spent years accumulating all the important directories, indexes, guides, checklists, and procedural steps that you will continually refer to throughout your career when conducting investigations. With this information at your fingertips, you'll have access to vital reference information from hundreds of government and private sources to find the precise information you need. You'll know instantly who to contact for accident reports, Secretary of State records, military records, all kinds of reference data, and much, much more! 
Starting as a private investigator is much easier when you have expert assistance. Whether you need help in securing employment, starting your own home business, or establishing an outside detective agency, we're here to provide the help you need. We will assist you with letters of recommendation and help you prepare for your state's written exam. Our complete facilities and staff at DTI are available to you throughout your career, including employment guidance and even free consultation on difficult cases you may encounter as a working investigator.
No one can tell you exactly how much a state-approved diploma matters from a reputable school, but it means greater opportunity, responsibility, and reward. Investigators with professional credentials are always rewarded with a spot at the top. And, people don't just ask if you have one, they ask where you went to school. That's why it's critical to earn your Diploma from the Detective Training Institute.

When you graduate the Master Detective Course, you will earn the prestigious and internationally recognized diploma which documents your mastery of a substantial body of professional skill and knowledge. 

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