Only DTI teaches you everything you
need to know to become a QUALIFIED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR!

How DTI Prepares You for Your First Job as an Intern
You should be aware that most employers won’t hire an intern who has not graduated from a nationally recognized PI training school such as DTI that teaches updated investigative techniques and principles with special emphasis on new privacy laws and ethics.

Most employers prefer to hire our graduates as interns because:
  • The greatest benefit that employers tell us about our graduates is that our students have “learned to learn” and, therefore, make it much easier for employers to train-on-the job while reducing training costs considerably
  • Since DTI graduates are better trained than many of their peers, they make more competent employees, form better employer-employee relationships, and are more loyal and productive. All this tends to make them give a longer-term commitment to employers and decrease turnover, which, in turn makes them more capable of advancing to more responsible positions in the investigation firm
  • Your permanent student file at the institute will attest to your scores on school exams, the completion of in-field exercises, the neatness and organization of submitted school material, and most importantly, that you are a self-motivated individual who took the time, expense and initiative to enroll in DTI and finish what you started
  • In addition, employers have the opportunity to learn from and stay at the forefront of private investigation with a new DTI employee who knows the latest investigative techniques and developments

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