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Now, you too can join the many DTI graduates who have received the finest training available, to become qualified private investigators and start their own exciting new careers. This all new MASTER DETECTIVE COURSE trains you to zero in on your target and dig even DEEPER, using the most advanced techniques ever taught in private investigation. Then, in addition to your Master Detective Course, you'll receive three new cutting edge training components.

These include Special Topics with over 90 special subjects, new techniques, and inside secrets-plus some very valuable business ideas, and more! And there are Resource Documents with hundreds of important directories, indexes, and government and private sources containing vital information that every PI needs. There are also special Crimes and Puzzlement mysteries to develop your deductive reasoning, and to improve your deductive abilities.

PLUS-you'll receive expanded Catalog Pages and more in-depth Detective Exercises. All of these valuable new features will take you deeper into private investigation-so that nothing is left out.

Look What You Get in Addition to the New Master Detective Course - The Best Instruction for Qualified Investigators!

  • Legal Use of Criminal Records
  • Understanding FRCA, GLB, and the Privacy
  • Infiltration of Private Organizations
  • Dynamics of Eye-Witness Perception
  • Understanding Interpol
  • Court Appointed Investigators
  • Accessing Gated Communities
  • Discover and Track Hidden Assets
  • Legal Issues of Carrying a Badge
  • Unmasking Computer Screen Names
  • Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • How to get Copies of Mug Shots
  • Legal Issues of Secretly Trailing Suspects
    Using GPS Devices
  • Developing Confidential Informants
  • Work from home or Office as a PI
  • Records Used in Identity Verification
  • Records Used in Personal Backgrounds
  • Records Used in Employment Backgrounds
  • Directory of Secretaries of State Offices
  • Procedures for Obtaining License Plate &
    Driving Records
  • Directory of State Adoption Records
  • DIrectory of State Welfare Offices
  • Concealed Weapon Permit Laws by State
  • Accessing Criminal Files

Triple Protection

You get triple protection when you enroll as a DTI student.

First, DTI undergone an extensive and thorough examination of its training operations to ensure that students will have the ability to successfully achieve the expected results of becoming a Qualified Private Investigator upon graduation.

Second, you are fully protected by DTI's liberal cancellation and refund policy. You can receive 100% REFUND within 15 days after enrolling with no questions asked!

Third, DTI has a proven track record of adhering to the highest business standards of honesty and integrity so students can be confident that they enrolling in a reputable school. DTI is proud of having no student complaints.

DTI - A Successful School with Successful Students

A school is only as successful as its students. And many of our DTI graduates have become successful private investigators.

We at DTI are proud of our graduates... and we have hundreds of them! They learned what they needed to know to become a private investigator in our Master Detective Course.

You can be assured that your DTI training is exactly what you need to become a qualified private investigator. And, you are guided every step of the way by Student Services.

Founder Art Kassel was the Executive Director and owner of Detective Training Institute. As one of the Nation's recognized experts on private investigation, he operated one of the largest, multi-service detective agencies in Orange County, California. His rich background as a past member of the Accrediting Commission Examining Committee to examine and evaluate home study schools put him in a unique position to know firsthand the demands of today's modern detective agency, and pass on the essential skills to his students in the Master Detective Course. This is a practical, learn-by-doing course, with no lofty, theoretical or impractical lessons.

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