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What Will You Learn with DTI's Master Detective Course

DTI offers professional training to help you quickly establish your credentials. We analyzed what PIs need to learn to be successful and we designed and developed our training to meet those needs. Our learning components build on one another so that the content is easier to grasp and more interesting than conventional instruction. When you train at home with this fascinating course, you will develop important skills in the seven major skill areas.  Here is what you will learn and be able to do when you complete your DTI training.

To understand the present, you need to know the past. With DTI, you’ll learn how to discretely examine a person’s past including criminal history, education, assets, income, lifestyle, and reputation. In private personal background investigations, you’ll learn how, with only a “head shot” of the subject, to piece together an “information chain” that results in a complete profile of  the subject. In employment-related investigations, you’ll learn how to evaluate the accuracy of a job candidate’s qualifications, character, and fitness for a specific position and to identify potential hiring risks, especially for those seeking a position of high security or trust—all compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

DTI places special emphasis on database and hand searching methods and tells you how to subscribe to special PI databases.

Lessons include: Background Investigations: Conducting Private Personal Investigations (Non-FCRA Compliant), Conducting Employment-Related Background Investigations (FCRA Compliant,) Investigative Records and Resources, Asset Investigation, Business and Criminal Intelligence, and Investigating by Computer.

PIs have to locate people for many purposes. With skip tracing skills, you’ll be able to assist your clients in locating debtors, witnesses, missing persons, old friends, past lovers, runaway juveniles, divorced parents who abduct their children, bail jumpers, and fugitives fleeing from justice. You’ll learn the latest tactics to find anyone for any reason, and how to ethically and legally get people to divulge confidential information on the whereabouts of others.

Lessons include: Skip Tracing, Missing Persons, Parental Kidnapping Investigation, Bounty Hunting, Process Serving and Automobile Repossession.

Surveillance is the process of discreet observation without detection—with the intention of gathering and documenting facts.
Surveillance is not only about being a master of disguise; it’s about blending in naturally and operating just below the radar so no one knows you’re there. Used extensively in many investigations including insurance fraud, personal injury, internal theft, and marital investigations, you’ll learn the same tactics used by the FBI’s Special Surveillance Group (SSG) to follow subjects in an ordinary manner so that subjects will look right past you. You’ll learn hundreds of surveillance tips, including the latest GPS and unmanned remote surveillance technology to track a subjects every move from the comfort of your laptop computer. And, to help refine your skills, you’ll conduct real foot and vehicle surveillance assignments in your community and submit photos and surveillance reports to DTI for grading and critiquing.

Lessons include: Surveillance and Surveillance Photography, Vehicle Surveillance, Foot Surveillance, and Electronic Surveillance and Countermeasures.

Legal investigators work closely with attorneys, insurance companies, forensic laboratories, and the courts on insurance fraud and criminal defense cases. You’ll learn procedures to investigate insurance fraud, including auto, property, arson, personal injury, negligence, malingering, product liability, medical malpractice, athletic and sports injuries, and more! We place special emphasis on Workers Compensation (AOE and COE) and Sub Rosa Investigation. You’ll develop special skills in interviewing techniques and taking witness statements, including tape-recorded statements. You will learn how to write dynamic reports and give professional testimony in court by giving only responsive answers and avoiding common objections.

Lessons include: Insurance Fraud Investigation, Workers Comp Investigation, Arson Investigation, Interviewing and Interrogating, Report Writing and Testifying in Court.

Criminals use more sophisticated methods today than ever before. Business clients need investigators who know how to investigate and counteract criminal activities. You’ll learn how to detect and eliminate internal theft, embezzlement, and manipulation of accounts and payroll. You will know when to employ undercover agents, and  how to detect shoplifters, make arrests, and conduct “integrity” shopping tests. You’ll learn advanced techniques for investigating “misdirection of inventory to unauthorized addresses,” industrial espionage, and computer “hacking,” and how to protect company secrets, employ computer security measures, and more!

Lessons include: Employee Theft, Shoplifting Detection, Undercover Investigation, Industrial Espionage, and Computer Crime Investigation.

Inherent risks and danger exist in some aspects of private investigation, such as providing executive protection against terrorism, making arrests, and providing bodyguard services to wealthy and famous clients and their families. Without training to meet the threat of danger, you will be at risk. With DTI, you will become capable of protecting yourself and your client by keeping the advantage in your favor in any pressure situation.

Lessons include: Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training, Arrest Tactics, Foot and Vehicle Pursuit Tactics.

Starting a PI career is easy when you train with DTI. When you graduate, you'll have the investigative skills to meet the prescribed standards for PIs. And, you will also learn, step-by-step, the proven and precise methods of securing a position in a detective agency. Topics include: what employers look for in new investigators, locating the agency you want to work for, writing an impressive resume, appearance and attitude, what to say and do in the interview along with post interview follow-up and more!

Also, if you want to start your own agency, even a home- based business, DTI will teach you how to select a name, price your services, advertise for clients, understand legal aspects (business license, state license, bonding and insurance) and much more. You get more with DTI —we not only teach you private investigation skills, we help you start your career!

Lessons include: Getting a Job as a Private Investigator, and Operating Your Own Agency.

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