DTI Diploma or Criminal Justice Degree? Which is best for you?

DTI encourages and supports all forms of Private Investigation (PI) training and education but there is a notable difference between a DTI career diploma and a Criminal Justice Degree.

What most degree program counselors do not tell students is that criminal justice studies are academic and theoretical in nature only and do not teach practical hands-on techniques for conducting investigations. And, although the study of criminal justice parallels the study of private investigation to a certain degree, the study does not prepare students for the kind of skills that PIs really need in their work.  Overall, there are far more differences than similarities between the two.

For example, criminal justice programs are generalized courses geared toward corrections officer, fish and game wardens, security officers, parole or probation officers, and juvenile justice officials. For the most part, the schools that offer these programs have no experience managing a real private investigation agency, and many of these schools offer a wide range of studies and do not focus solely on private investigation.

If your goal is to become a PI, choose to train with DTI for the following reasons:

1. DTI is the leading school in the PI industry with a more extensive knowledge base of the PI profession than any other school, college, or university. DTI staff members are licensed and practicing PIs with proven track records and over 24 years of instructional experience. DTI trains you in the most advanced investigation methods and introduces you to confidential PI resources that other schools can't provide.

2. Detective agencies and related employers recognize the value of a DTI diploma and prefer to hire DTI graduates over criminal justice graduates. Why? We better train our graduates for private investigation so that they possess the skills to investigate a variety of assignments.

3. DTI is less expensive. A complete course costs only $799, while criminal justice programs can cost over $25,000. Be leery of online criminal justice schools that engage in questionable advertising and enrollment practices. Many do not list tuition costs and enrollment requirements on their websites. Instead, they require you to submit your personal contact information so a high-pressure salesperson can call you.

4. You can complete DTI's course in just three to six months compared to criminal justice programs that take two to four years. DTI will train you in the shortest possible time to become a professional PI and with your DTI Diploma, you will find many opportunities open for you in the private market.

So, before you invest great sums of money in a criminal justice degree program, be aware of the many benefits of enrolling in DTI's Career Diploma program.

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