Only DTI teaches you everything you
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Now, you can read for yourself how our private investigators have benefited from our course and you may contact them yourself at the e-mail addresses listed. Due to the numerous e-mails that our private investigators receive, please be respectful of our graduates' time and pick only one private investigator to e-mail your questions to. Please do not send the same questions to all graduates. Thank you.

First Rate Private Investigator School! "Upon leaving law enforcement after 22 years and well-schooled in police science and investigative procedures from both an academic and practical standpoint, I pursued a career in the field of private investigation. Although experienced, I also knew that the field of private investigation contained many investigative aspects that were quite different in scope than I was used to and began my journey looking for a quality private investigator program."

"I can personally attest to reviewing many of the home study programs offering private investigation and their accompany claims. Let me reassure you, there is absolutely no other home-study program available to you that will cover the field of private investigation in such a thorough manner as the Detective Training Institute. It is current, relevant and professionally instructed. If you are looking for a private investigator program of study that require you to think and work for you diploma then choose DTI. This is a first rate private investigator program and I'm proud to be a graduate."

"I would encourage anyone considering taking the DTI course of study to contact me with your question(s) prior to making a decision. I will make every attempt to respond to your question(s) in a timely manner. Believe me, if I did not think that this course of study was truly the best out there I would not offer my time, encouragement and counsel."
John C. Enger
Licensed Private Investigator
Bradenton, Florida

Investigator Expands Business
"The comprehensive Master Detective Course went above and beyond my greatest expectations.
With the help of DTI training, I was able to expand my investigation business. The lessons were very intriguing and extensively detailed and the Detective Field Exercises were not only challenging but provided practical, hands-on training that was very realistic. No other school offers these! Absolutely the best course I have ever taken and at a very reasonable price. Thank you Mr. Kassel and your staff at DTI."
Joe Gillis, Gillis Investigative Service
Licensed Private Investigator
Gulfport, MS
E Mail:

Transitioning into the Private Sector
"I have obtained my CA Qualified Managers Private Investigators License during this course. DTI has provided valuable information on private sector opportunities. I am still an active duty police officer in California.
This course has given me the tools and inspiration to slowly start my own business and transition into the private sector. Thank you very much."
Evan Pitney

Mother Starts Own P.I. Agency From Home
“Enrolling in DTI was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I did the research and found that DTI offered the most comprehensive course and it was important that I find a school that private investigation was their only curriculum. Once I started the training, I was extremely impressed by the quality of the entire course. After I graduated I began working a few personal cases of finding people using the computer and my friends were so impressed that I started my own agency from home. Even now, I refer to the manuals all the time. This course is a wonderful springboard for the career minded women interested in becoming a P.I."
Sue Browne
A Peek View Investigations
Woodland Park, CO

Skeptical at First . . .
“I had never taken a home study program and was skeptical at first because of DTI’s low tuition cost and the many claims they made on their web site. But after enrolling and completing the Master Detective Course, I can honestly say that it was outstanding! I just want to say thank you again, Mr. Kassel, and your staff for producing such a fine course and providing me with all the support that I needed.”
Mike Karr
McCook, NE

EDM Executive Protection Specialist Ranks DTI "Top Program"
I wanted to take this time and extend my opinion concerning DTI's Master Detective Course which can be summarized in one word "outstanding." It provided me with professional investigator training which I found to be very profitable in helping my clients, not only in executive protection, but also in corporate and personal matters that requires investigative know-how.

I have been through several professional training programs that included governmental as well as private certification programs that relate to my specialty in executive protection and found this course to rank "top program" in my book.

When initially researching for private investigator schools, I wanted a school that would allow me to develop the highest investigative skill possible while enhancing my protection services at the same time. I found that school to be DTI.

I recommend DTI to any organization or individual that is looking to learn, enhance or advance their investigative skills.

Again, "outstanding program."
Eric D. McGraw, CPS

Masterpiece Training Course
"Your Master Course is superb! It's obvious you've put in a great deal of technical expertise, forethought, and planning until the course stands as a masterpiece training course. The extensive Special Topics and Resource Documents are extremely helpful and informative. Your Detective Field Exercises are especially effective for someone just starting out as a Private Investigator. And, your merchandise catalog is a most valuable publication for every Detective Agency's use. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants thorough, professional, detailed training in the Private Investigator profession.

Thank you for the outstanding training you've given me through your course. I heartily applaud your efforts. Your course has been a tremendous enhancement to my on-going professional education."
Franklin G. Bennett
Colorado Springs, CO.
Columbus, GA

After researching various schools and programs, I decided that the Detective Training Institute was the BEST CHOICE. The training arrived in a very timely fashion and you cannot help but realize the amount of time, effort and intelligent insight that has been devoted to this course. I highly recommend DTI to anyone who has an interest in entering this exciting and rewarding field. Being a DTI graduate will give you a distinct advantage. Please feel free to write and ask any questions.
Patrice Arnold
Scottsdale, Arizona
E Mail:

With No Prior Training or Experience – Now Works for Former FBI Agent
I’ve always wanted to be a private investigator and through your course I now work part time for a former FBI agent who runs a successful private investigation agency. Your field assignments gave me the confidence to obtain this job. I have worked over twenty cases involving child custody, criminal investigations, insurance fraud and undercover assignments. I have accumulated many hours of surveillance which I enjoy the best and have even testified in court on numerous occasions. Thank you DTI for the skills you have provided me.
Christopher Eberly
Palmerton, PA.

DTI Graduate Starts Own Detective Agency
Dear Mr. Kassel:

I want to take a few minutes and thank you for your wonderful Master Detective Course and update you what I have accomplished since graduating DTI.

I have opened my own sole proprietor investigative firm called Watchful Eye Investigations and have joined NAIS, ION, Merlin and several other information providers. I have established contacts with local law enforcement and county clerk personnel and have established paths to run driver license information in my state. I am setting up a trapline/blindline/calling card accounts to assist me in skiptracing which I am specializing in. I am currently assembling a website, business cards, and flyers to further establish my business and gain new clients.

Thanks again for DTI and for all help.
Michael Spaulding
Watchful Eye Investigations
E Mail:

Owes Promotion to DTI Training . . .
The course has really helped me in my present position as a Certified Protection Officer in private security and I am looking forward to being promoted to the rank of Investigator. The quality of DTI’s training is very high and I would recommend DTI to anyone interested in entering the Private Investigation field. I am very proud to be a DTI graduate.
Jordon Brooks, CPO
Bakersfield, CA

Now Working as an Intern in a P.I. Agency
DTI’s course has been very beneficial to me . . . . I am now working for a well known – highly respected Private Investigator/Forensic Consultant as a result of my DTI training. Thank you so much!
Michele Mondello
Brooklyn, NY

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