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Understanding the Purpose of Licensing and Licensing Boards
Understanding the Purpose of Licensing and Licensing Boards

Because licensing and licensing boards will play an essential part in your career as a PI, it will benefit you greatly to understand their purpose and requirements.

Purpose of State Licensing of Private Investigators

States require private investigators to obtain a license for the following reasons:
  • To promote the safety and general welfare of citizens
  • To ensure that when a citizen hires a PI, he or she can be certain that the PI meets the following standards:
    1. Has the proper training and on-the-job experience.
    2. Is ethical.
    3. Has undergone a background check and has a clean record.
    4. Is up-to-date on the latest legal and technological developments of the profession.
    5. Knows the many important privacy-related laws that that address the protection of sensitive personal information, prohibitions against false impersonation, and measures to prevent identity theft.
Purpose of State Licensing PI Boards

States created licensing PI boards to promote effective regulation and enforcement of PI-related regulations and to develop a highly skilled and productive workforce. For PIs, they do this by:
  • Conducting background investigations on applicants.
  • Administering compliance audits of licensees.
  • Preparing disciplinary matters for Board review.
  • Investigating various complaints of misconduct of a licensee or unlicensed activity.
  • Providing (in some states) secondary training and education to the licensees, especially concerning new privacy issues.

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